Mar Vista Voice is engaged in a number of projects to support the neighborhood.

Mar vista schools

Mar Vista organizers put together a fantastic resource for parents and families to navigate the public school system in our neighborhood. Learn about the various categories of schools and programs, as well as how to enroll through the district's ECHOICES program. We've also created a tool for looking up each school in the neighborhood. Click here for our education resources!

venice blvd guide

In this map you can find some of our favorite spots on or off Venice Blvd, easily accessible by foot, bike or transit. These entries are suggestions from real Venice Blvd users who already frequent these spots by transit, foot or bike. We hope that this guide will encourage you to try new places or consider visiting old favorites via transit, bike or foot! 


Make your voice heard! Use our toolkits to take action on proposed legislation that affects Mar Vista and all Angelenos. With a few clicks, you can call and email our elected officials and leave public comment. 

Copwatch CPRA

copwatch and cpra

We learned from the best about copwatching and using the California Public Records Act to hold LA electeds and LAPD accountable. Will Gude (@FilmThePoliceLA) and @AdrianRiskin presented. Click through the slide deck on the left to learn more. 


We use this Airtable database to track important City Council motions as they make their way through Committee and to Council. You can also suggest motions to track using this form.  

mapping 41.18 across l.a.

Use this interactive map to explore all the zones where poverty is criminalized across Los Angeles pursuant to LAMC 41.18.

expensive cops

Check out how much we're paying cops in LAPD's Pacific and West LA divisions. Data is from 2022, so now we're paying them even more. LA taxpayers are spending over $1M on just the three highest paid cops in these westside divisions. Photo & salary information thanks to