what we stand for

Organizers with Mar Vista Voice stand in solidarity with our neighbors and advocate for an equitable and just future for all.


housing justice

Safe, affordable housing is a human right. We will fight against the criminalization of our unhoused neighbors and advocate for permanent supportive housing. We will also push for stronger rent control and tenant protections to keep Angelenos in their homes.

Environmental Justice

We are committed to addressing climate change right here in Mar Vista, and in partnership with other neighborhoods throughout the city. All people, regardless of race, color, national origin, or income have the right to live, work and play in communities that are safe, healthy and free of life-threatening environmental conditions.


Mar Vista is a diverse community made up of neighbors from all backgrounds. Every voice in our community is one that must be heard, respected, and valued. We are committed to standing up for racial justice and challenging institutional and cultural racism in our neighborhood and city.

Transportation & Infrastructure

We believe that every person living in Mar Vista should have the freedom to safely navigate sidewalks, buildings, roadways, and parks. No disability should prevent anyone from being able to spend an afternoon at the park, run errands around town, or support the local economy.

workers' rights and small business

We are committed to supporting workers and working class families, so many of whom are losing a foothold in Mar Vista due to accelerating gentrification and displacement. People who work in Mar Vista should be able to live here. So we must fight for higher wages, unionized jobs and more affordable housing. Supporting workers also means supporting small businesses, which generate jobs, foster community, and act as a bulwark against corporate consolidation.

public safety reimagined

Public safety is about feeling at peace in our neighborhood. It’s about having access to real support in an emergency, and grappling with social issues like mental health, food insecurity and poverty in an effective and humane way. Public safety is not having armed police officers respond to social needs.

Youth Empowerment & Public Education

We believe that strong communities are built on a strong public education system. We will push for better pay and protections for teachers, help families navigate the local education system and support youth empowerment in Mar Vista.

LGBTQIA+ Community

We will advocate for policies that protect our LGBTQIA+ neighbors, protect queer spaces, and uplift trans and gender expansive voices here in Mar Vista. This includes helping to ensure that schools in our community are safe and bias-free for LGBTQIA+ students and fighting against discrimination in employment, housing and public places.