Mar Vista Voice works in collaboration and solidarity with the following organizations doing incredible work across LA.

palms unhoused mutual aid

Palms Unhoused Mutual Aid (PUMA) is an abolitionist network of care created in March 2020. PUMA strives to meet immediate needs, build community and power with & among our unhoused and housing-insecure neighbors across Mid-city, Palms, and the Westside in Los Angeles.

free food collective

Free Food Collective works to stop food waste on a local level by recovering excess food in LA and giving it to people who need it instead. Since its founding in May 2021, FFC has recovered over 25,000 pounds of fresh food for distribution to unhoused communities.


LAN4N is a mutual aid organization fighting for housing justice and services for unhoused people across the Westside of Los Angeles. They host a monthly Resource Center and engage in direct outreach and advocacy to build power and connect people to what they need. 

fairfax mutual aid

Fairfax Mutual Aid (FxMA) is a network of care formed to address our unhoused communities’ immediate needs across the Beverly Grove and Fairfax neighborhoods of Los Angeles. FxMA recognizes constituents living on the streets deserve the exact same resources, care and support as housed people.

south bay mutual aid care club

SBMACC works in solidarity with neighbors living unhoused in the South Bay of LA through mutual aid distro at encampments and other support.

la street care

LA Street Care & Mutual Aid is an abolitionist collective of former Street Watch LA members in Los Feliz, Echo Park, Atwater, Historic Filipinotown, Silver Lake, and Rampart Village.

streets for all

Streets for All is building a transportation revolution in Los Angeles. The organization is working to decarbonize the city by expanding dedicated bus lanes, protected bicycle lanes, public green space, and pedestrian infrastructure, and prioritizing active and public transit over single occupancy vehicles. This is a complete reversal of the last several decades of harmful car-centric transportation policy. 

westside for everyone

Westside For Everyone is a community that believes meaningful access to quality housing will create a better Los Angeles for everyone. Join their regular meeting every other Thursday on Zoom. Click here to register for a meeting and click here for WFE's newsletter.

los angeles for all

Los Angeles for All believes that the city of Los Angeles is ripe for building a new, cooperative ecosystem. An emergent landscape of economic and political alternatives is thriving alongside a robust movement for housing justice and tenant’s rights. However, the city’s geography is vast, our neighborhoods segregated, with some historical suspicions lingering between social movement actors across geography (south and east) and race (Black and Latinx). The project was launched in 2022 with the understanding that in order for this vibrant community to withstand the multiple crises — ecological, political, and economic — we must come together to build democratic and participatory alternatives. 

los angeles for democracy vouchers

Los Angeles for Democracy Vouchers is organizing for an open and equitable campaign finance system, where elections are fair and no one is excluded. Today, non-Angelenos, special interests, and wealthy white neighborhoods dominate local campaign spending, leaving the majority of people in Los Angeles out. We’re fighting for democracy vouchers, to create a system where every Angeleno can give to local candidates so that every Angeleno has a say in local politics. 

fair rep la

Fair Rep LA is a coalition of Los Angeles and California-based advocacy groups organizing around expanding LA City Council and the City adopting an Independent Redistricting Commission, leading to more equitable and accountable representation for Angelenos.