stop the hydrogen scam at scattergood gas plant

Mar Vista Voice - November 1, 2022

In the past, we have come together to take on LADWP and won. We need that same kind of energy today. As we watch the reckoning at City Council expose the darkest part of politics, it is all of our work that usually brings the light. Right now, we are shining the light on the latest LADWP power grab: an $800 million dollar modernization of Scattergood Gas Plant to burn hydrogen while calling it “green”.

The letter linked below outlines the facts, communicates concerns and ultimately calls on City Councilmembers to vote no on the project (Council File 22-0932). The main points include hydrogen’s contribution to local air pollution, massive water demands, leakage, explosions and the alternatives that would bring real solutions to the climate crisis.

The main argument you will hear for green hydrogen power is the capacity to store solar and wind energy when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing. LADWP has even gone as far as to claim that it’s the best option in the face of increased wildfires and storms. Using the climate crisis to justify another dirty energy scheme with SoCalGas is disingenuous—and it’s going to work if we don’t push back hard.

Unfortunately, the hydrogen flood gates are already, open and we must hold back the tide until our communities have a say in a clean energy future that won’t leave anyone behind.

The first step is to ask organizations to sign on to this letter by November 14. So far, a small but mighty group of organizations have been able to hold back this terrible project. As of today, the next Energy, Climate Change, Environmental Justice, And Rivers Committee will not be voting on this item at their upcoming meeting this week. This is good news and shows what we can accomplish when we fight back. It also gives us time to get more organized.

Please ask your organization to sign on and get others to do the same.

In Solidarity,

Andrea Vega, Southern California Organizer, Food & Water Watch and Food & Water Action"